12 Teams/3 Divisions
1 Each team consists of 14 players and 2 Team Defenses.  (2-QBs, 4-RB, 6-WRs(TEs), and 2 Kickers)
2 Teams determined by a 15 Round Reverse Rotation Draft ( 1-12, 12-1. etc)
3 Draft order will be determined by a random selection.   The four teams not making the playoffs from the previous
year will be guaranteed the top 4 picks.
Teams are placed in their respective divisions by a random selection on Draft Day.
4 You must pick a starting lineup for every week of the season.  Your starting lineup consists of
1 Quarterback, 2 Runningbacks, 3 Wide Receivers, 1 Kicker and 1 Defense.
5 The season consists of the first 14 weeks of the NFL season.  The last three weeks are playoff weeks,
with the Super Bowl on the last week of the NFL regular season.
6 You must call in your starting lineup to the Commissioner before 1:00 p.m. of that week's games(Sunday).
If your lineup is not called in, the previous week's lineup will be used and a $5.00 fine will be imposed, and the
previous week's lineup used.
If there are Thursday/Saturday games, players that you want active for those games must be called in prior to kickoff.
7 Teams play a 14 week head-to-head schedule.
8 The division winners, along with five wildcard teams advance to the playoffs.  The four eliminated teams advance
to the Toilet Bowl in Week 16.
9 Trades may be made between teams until noon of Week 10.  All rosters must be kept intact with the position
requirements when trades/signings occur.
  Any trade that may seemed to be lopsided may be vetoed by the commissioner.  The veto may be
overturned by a 2/3's vote of the league (8 of 12 owners)
10 Free Agents may be signed on a sealed bid-basis.  Bids on players must be received by the commissioner
by 5:00 P.M. on Friday.  At that time, all bids will be opened.  The highest bid gets the player.  If there
is a tie, the team with the worst record gets the player.  All teams begin with a $30.00 cap to bid
on players.  All bids must be made in $ 0.10 increments.  If you use up all $30.00, you're done.
10a Free Agents deadlines for all other games other than Sunday will be posted.
11 Fees:    $25.00 League Fee,  $5.00 for every loss, $ 5.00 Lowest Score of Week,  
            Roster Moves $2.00  + Amount Bid on Player.
Fines:        $5.00 for not calling in your roster (PREVIOUS WEEK'S LINEUP USED).
11a Winnings: Division Winners - $ 75.00.  2nd Place 40% of remaining pot.
Wild Card - $ 15.00 Champion 60 % of remaining pot.
Third Place - $ 30.00 Weekly high score - $ 5.00
12 Any owner may place up to 2 players on the Injured Reserve List.  Owners may pick up a replacement player
at no transaction charge from the Free Agent pool.  Once a player has been re-activated by the NFL team, he
must be either activated, traded, or released before that week's game.  A player cannot be activated and placed on
IR during the same week.
A player is can be placed on the IR if he is listed as "Doubtful" or "Out" for that week's game.
A player must be re-activated if he is not on the NFL Injury List,  is considered "Probable", or plays in the previous .
week's game.
Injured Reserve moves must be made between 12:00 noon on Friday and before 1:00 on Sunday.
12a Free Agent signings take precedent over Injured Reserve moves.  (Example: Team A bids $5.00 on Player X.
Team B wants to claim Player X and put Player Y on IR.  Team A gets Player X and Team B must select another player.)
13 Teams will be able to keep 1 player for 1 year for the following season.
13a Only "Keeper Players" may be traded during the off season.  Each owner must then keep the obtained player.
13b All "Keeper Players" must be returned to the draft the following year after they are kept.
14 Any collusion between owners is strictly forbidden….All conspiring owners will be expelled from the league with no refund.
15 In the event of ties for playoff qualification,  the method used by the NFL will be used.
16 The 3 division winners are guaranteed the top 3 playoff seeds.
1 Non-starter scores
2 Starting players total yardage(QB,RBs,WRs)
3 Non-starter players total yardage.
4 Starting Kicker made FG yardage
5 Non-starting Kicker FG yardage.
6 Coin flip
Top 8 Teams advance to playoffs Toilet Bowl Tournament 
1 vs 8 4 vs 5 3 vs 6 2 vs 7 9 vs 12 10 vs 11
19 Rules.  I have done all of this on my own. I reserve the right to change and modify rules as I see fit in the event of a
situation that is not covered in the above rules in order to keep the integrity of the league.